Upgrade to MRtrix 3.0.3

Hi all,

I do not know if this is just my issue, but conda does not seem to be upgrading my mrtrix install to 3.0.3. I have even tried to uninstall and fresh install but I am still stuck on 3.0.2.

Any ideas?


Hi Claude,

How are you updating the package? For me on macOS,
conda install -c mrtrix3 mrtrix3 or
conda update -c mrtrix3 mrtrix3 both update mrtrix3 (from 3.0.2-h04f5b5a_0) to 3.0.3-ha664bf1_0. If this does not work, try adding --no-pin to the update call in case the package version was pinned. There could also be dependency issues preventing the update but I think they should be reported.

Hi Max,

Both those commands send me to 3.0.2.

I will try the unpin and will report back.


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