Usage of B1 Maps on 7T diffusion data

Hi Experts,

This is my first time working with a 7T Siemens data. I would like to know the potential utility of B1 maps and its incorporation to preprocessing of DWI data. How much crucial would such a step be, given the higher field strength? Further insights would be highly appreciated.

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Archith Rajan
Graduate Student
Symbiosis Centre for Medical Image Analysis

Hi Archith,

I’ve not worked with 7T DWI data myself, so I can’t provide any particular insight here. I would expect that one would want to try to make use of it, presumably predicting what the DWIs would have looked like in the absence of imperfections in excitation & refocusing pulses, but I’m not immediately aware of any software tools designed to do so.

Good luck!

Hi Dr. Smith,

Thank you for the response. I couldn’t find one in the FSL mailing list as well.

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