Use of mtnormalize

I have a question about mtnormalize command in connectome construction.
I am computing structural connectomes for neonates, and want to differentiate preterm vs term subjects. I was wondering if mtnormalize command is requested or risk to flat differences among the two groups I want to compare.
thank you

Hi Rosella,

I would split this question in two:

  • Connectome construction: If you are performing this construction in such a way that depends on AFD, then intensity normalisation is applicable to that pipeline just as it is for AFD when analysed using FBA. I’ve attempted to make this point, though I’m concerned that the core message isn’t hitting the mark…

  • AFD in neonates: This is not a question of mtnormalise specifically so much as about multi-tissue constituency in the neonatal period more generally. As long as the tissue decomposition is well posed, mtnormalise serves its purpose well; but the composition itself (and specifically its evolution over time) is more complex than that of adult data. See e.g. @maxpietsch’s work here and also presentation here if you have access.


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