Visualising streamline terminations

Hi MRtrix team,

Is there a way to visualise the termination of streamlines using mrview ? I like the Figure 5 in the ACT paper where the terminations were represented as coloured-dots :slight_smile:

Also wondering if these endpoints could be eye-balled as another layer of QC?

Thanks again.

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That’s probably my most-frequently-asked frequently-asked-question :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d like to have the functionality available within the viewer UI; but priorities keep getting in the way.

The terminations probably do provide some level of QC, though the endpoint density maps may provide just as much information in that context (and are easier to generate). In that respect I’d also suggest that the rejected terminations may be just as important as the accepted ones. Try removing the double-slash from this line and re-compiling if that takes your interest - tckgen will give you a bunch of images in your working directory showing where streamlines are terminating for different reasons.


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