Visually comparing CSD and Bedpostx in MRtrix3

Hello MRtrix community,

I have recently started working with this tool to visualize fiber orientations. For a small ROI, I ran the CSD with MRtrix3 and obtained the image below. Is it possible to obtain such an image using the voxel-wise output (thetas, phis, vol. fractions) of BedpostX using MRtrix3? I would like to obtain a visual for comparative analyses between the methods.

I’d appreciate any input/instructions regarding this issue.

Thank you,

Hi Shar,

While this isn’t possible currently, what would be required is conversion of the bedpostx output files into the fixel directory format, which would probably not be too difficult. You would only be able to visualise the mean fixel directions and not any measure of uncertainty (the latter would require additional coding), but this may be sufficient for you. I can provide some pointers if yourself or anyone else is willing to take on such a task.