Volume Render

I just wonder why there is no main image after I select the “Volume Render” in “View” menu when I overlay some image and tract such as “mrview T1_coreg.mif –tractography.load moto8-188.tck”

And also there is no difference when I click or click again the “Hide main image” button in “View options” in “Tool”.

I think it should display the main image such as T1 image after I choose the Volume Render but not only the tract just like what I show below. If there is something wrong? or how can I solve it?

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Hi there - just curious, do you see the main T1 or dwi image when you’re in the ortho 3-plane view? Does it only disappear when you change to the volume render view?

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Yes,there is T1 image in ortho 3 plane view. It just disappear after switch to volume render

Actually I have had the same problem as you
when I opened the volume render, the T1 image would be hide
I’ve checked the installation of MRtrix and reinstall it, but didn’t fix it
Finally I reinstalled the MRtrix on windows and solved that problem

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Thank you 明, for provide a solution for this problem. I will try it!