WARNING: OS corrupted and files lost when installing FSL

I was following the B.A.T.M.A.N tutorial from here and reached page 4, step 1.3.
I had successfully installed MRtrix after some effort (and I may have made some mistakes with multiple installs, but I can’t check back now as I lost it all).

I followed the FSL link here and followed the instructions for Windows. At some point in these instructions, I restarted my computer as a prompt told me to;

when my PC was rebooting from the restart, it had corrupted my OS and I was unable to access my computer for about 6 hours as I had to wipe my drive (fortunately due to DellSupportAssist many files were saved but a few were simply lost). I had spent all of yesterday reinstalling all my other software and updating my PC as it went back to a backup version of Windows 10 from 2019.

It was a pretty awful time honestly.

I want to do my honours project next year with tractography and I’m afraid this may happen again. I’m going to play it safe and not upgrade to Windows 11 in case that was a cause.

I assume it happened as at some point in the instructions (I can’t remember precisely where) that I installed a Window 10 version of FSL or Ubuntu on my PC when I’m on Windows 11. Maybe that caused the issue?

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This sounds like an issue with FSL, rather than MRtrix.