Where am I to find the files.txt, design_matrix.txt and contrast_matrix.txt?

Hi, all !
I have a problem running the step " Perform statistical analysis of FD, FC, and FDC "
This is the command line/error output:
~ /sharefolder/template$ fixelcfestats fd files.txt design_matrix.txt contrast_matrix.txt tracks_2_million_sift.tck stats_fd
fixelcfestats: [ERROR] required in put file “design_matrix.txt” not found.
How do I get the files.txt, design_matrix.txt and contrast_matrix.txt ?

Hi Wenming,

All three of these files must be generated by the experimenter, as they are specific to any particular experiment or model.

  • File “files.txt” needs to be a text file containing the names of the fixel data files you wish to provide as input to the statistical inference process.

  • Files “design_matrix.txt” and “contrast_matrix.txt” define your experimental model, and your hypothesis regarding which aspect(s) of the model you wish to test against the null, respectively.
    We have not written comprehensive documentation regarding the GLM, so I would direct you to the FSL GLM wiki page.


Thanks for your suggestion.