Windows 11 - MRtrix3 works natively on WSLg

I just wanted to share that if you are on the Windows Insider Program Beta Channel and installed Windows 11 (I’m on build 22000.160), you can enable Windows Subsystem for Linux GUI, install an Ubuntu shell directly to your Windows PC, then install MRTrix3 in that Ubuntu environment. I have an NVIDIA card and can use that for CUDA processing (e.g. FSL’s eddy_correct). The build seems fairly stable to me thus far.

Graphical windows like mrview work smoothly.

Once you are on Windows 11, you can install WSLg and GPU drivers using this instruction set: GitHub - microsoft/wslg: Enabling the Windows Subsystem for Linux to include support for Wayland a

Please note that you need to build mrtrix from source (i.e. download source from github and build). I tried using the pre-compiled version installed through Anaconda, but it did not work for me. “mrview” launched a blank window when I did that.