MRtrix3_connectome update 0.3.0



Hi all,

For anyone interested, I have pushed out an update to my BIDS Apps script “MRtrix3_connectome”, tagged as version 0.3.0.

As previously, it can be utilised either within a Docker container (and consequently as a Singularity container following appropriate conversion), or the script itself can be executed as a standalone file as long as you have MRtrix3 version 3.0_RC3 installed and set your PYTHONPATH environment variable as per the documentation.

While this application may be developed by yours truly, it is not an integrated part of MRtrix3; so please direct any queries / suggestions to me directly: either through private messaging on this forum, e-mail, or by posting directly to the GitHub issue list for the relevant repository.

Shameless self-promotion complete,