5ttgen: [ERROR] Atlases required for FSL's FIRST program not installed

Hi mrtrix3 team,
I have run mrtrix3 commands in ubuntu 14.04 before. Now I have changed my system and running Mrtrix3 in ubuntu 16.04 system and getting error : 5ttgen: [ERROR] Atlases required for FSL’s FIRST program not installed; Please install fsl-first-data using your relevant package manager. I have installed FSL package, updated FSLDIR but error is there. What is the relevant package manager to install fsl-first-data? Any help will be appreciated. Thank you!

Hi @Sarbani,

Whatever mechanism you are using to install FSL should also give you the capability to install the fsl-first-data package. If you’re using NeuroDebian, it looks like fsl-first-data hasn’t been added to the list of available packages for 16.04, even though I wouldn’t expect it to be so distribution-dependent. In that case, you can try uninstalling fsl-core and installing fsl-complete instead, which includes all optional data associated with the FSL package.