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Hi everyone,

I’ve come across some difficulties building the latest version of mrtrix. I tried downloaded the dev version from github, but couldn’t build it (on ubuntu 16; I can build the master branch, but not the dev branch).

Here is the output:
~/res_tools/mrtrix3-dev/mrtrix3-dev$ ./configure

MRtrix build type requested: release version

Detecting OS: linux
Looking for compiler [clang++]: not found
Looking for compiler [g++]: g++ (Ubuntu 5.4.0-6ubuntu1~16.04.12) 5.4.0 20160609
Checking for C++11 compliance: ok
Checking shared library generation: ok
Detecting pointer size: 64 bit
Detecting byte order: little-endian
Checking for variable-length array support: ok
Checking for non-POD variable-length array support: ok
Checking for ::max_align_t: 16 bytes
Checking for std::max_align_t: 16 bytes
Checking for Eigen3 library: 3.2.92
Checking for Eigen3 Unsupported: not found; custom functions to be used
Checking for zlib compression library: 1.2.8
Checking for “JSON for Modern C++” requirements: ok
Checking for TIFF library: LIBTIFF, Version 4.0.6
Checking for PNG library: Header: 1.2.54; library: 1.2.54
Checking for FFTW library: fftw-3.3.4-sse2-avx
Checking for Qt moc: moc (version 4.8.7)
Checking for Qt qmake: qmake (version 4.8.7)
Checking for Qt rcc: rcc (version 4.8.7)
Checking for Qt: 4.8.7

~/res_tools/mrtrix3-dev/mrtrix3-dev$ ./build

( 1/549) [CC] tmp/cmd/labelconvert.o
( 3/549) [CC] tmp/cmd/tckdfc.o
( 4/549) [CC] tmp/src/dwi/directions/file.o
( 2/549) [CC] tmp/src/dwi/tractography/tracking/method.o
( 5/549) [MOC] tmp/src/gui/opengl/lighting_moc.cpp
( 6/549) [CC] tmp/cmd/mrcalc.o
( 7/549) [CC] tmp/core/version.o
( 8/549) [CC] tmp/src/gui/projection.o
( 9/549) [CC] tmp/cmd/mrdump.o
( 10/549) [CC] tmp/core/file/dicom/tree.o
( 11/549) [CC] tmp/src/registration/transform/rigid.o
( 12/549) [MOC] tmp/src/gui/shview/render_window_moc.cpp
( 13/549) [CC] tmp/src/dwi/tractography/resampling/upsampler.o
( 14/549) [CC] tmp/cmd/dirstat.o
( 15/549) [CC] tmp/src/gui/shapes/cylinder.o
( 16/549) [CC] tmp/cmd/mrconvert.o
( 17/549) [CC] tmp/src/dwi/tractography/mapping/mapper.o
( 18/549) [CC] tmp/cmd/dwiextract.o
( 19/549) [CC] tmp/src/dwi/directions/set.o
( 20/549) [CC] tmp/core/file/dicom/dict.o
( 21/549) [CC] tmp/cmd/fixel2peaks.o
( 22/549) [CC] tmp/core/app.o
( 23/549) [CC] tmp/core/dwi/gradient.o
( 24/549) [CC] tmp/src/dwi/tractography/mapping/twi_stats.o
( 25/549) [CC] tmp/src/gui/mrview/tool/fixel/legacy.o
( 26/549) [CC] tmp/cmd/tsfmult.o
( 27/549) [CC] tmp/cmd/warpinvert.o

ERROR: ( 26/549) [CC] tmp/cmd/tsfmult.o

g++ -c -std=c++11 -DMRTRIX_BUILD_TYPE=“release version” -pthread -fPIC -DMRTRIX_WORD64 -DMRTRIX_TIFF_SUPPORT -idirafter /usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu -DMRTRIX_PNG_SUPPORT -idirafter /usr/include/libpng12 -DEIGEN_FFTW_DEFAULT -Wall -O3 -DNDEBUG -Isrc -I./core -Icmd -idirafter /usr/include/eigen3 -DEIGEN_DONT_PARALLELIZE cmd/tsfmult.cpp -o tmp/cmd/tsfmult.o

failed with output

cmd/tsfmult.cpp: In function void run():
cmd/tsfmult.cpp:48:36: error: no matching function for call to MR::DWI::Tractography::TrackScalar::TrackScalar()
DWI::Tractography::TrackScalar<> tck_scalar1, tck_scalar2, tck_scalar_output;
In file included from src/dwi/tractography/scalar_file.h:28:0,
from cmd/tsfmult.cpp:19:
src/dwi/tractography/streamline.h:64:36: note: candidate: template<class _InputIterator, class> MR::DWI::Tractography::TrackScalar::TrackScalar(_InputIterator, _InputIterator)
using vector::vector;
src/dwi/tractography/streamline.h:64:36: note: template argument deduction/substitution failed:
cmd/tsfmult.cpp:48:36: note: candidate expects 2 arguments, 0 provided
DWI::Tractography::TrackScalar<> tck_scalar1, tck_scalar2, tck_scalar_output;
In file included from src/dwi/tractography/scalar_file.h:28:0,

Hi, welcome to the forum!

The compiler error you reported should have been fixed in e6998d0. Please retry with git pull && ./build.


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Thanks very much.