Contents of response_*.txt

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I was hoping to find a description of the format and contents of response_*.txt files here but couldn’t find it.
I appreciate any clarification.

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A better place to look would be here – but even then, I note the description is pretty vague… We should definitely fix that.

Thankfully, it’s a pretty simple format. Each row corresponds to a different shell (in order of increasing b-value), and for each row, the values correspond to the even, m=0 (axially symmetric) SH coefficients of the expected DW signal, starting from l=0, l=2, …, l=10 (by default). That’s pretty much all there is to it…

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Hi Mahmoud,

See also my reply in -nan in response_wm.txt : @jdtournier’s answer here should help you understand why the first line in the WM response would have those zeros.


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