Diffusion Kurtosis Imaging analysis

Hi, experts.

I’d like to analysis diffusion kurtosis imaging through mrtrix3.

According to tensor2metric manual, diffusion kurtosis imaging analysis is avaliable in mrtirx3.

However, when I use command tensor2metric dt.mif -mk mk.mif is not working on my macos.

dt.mif file is calculated from dwi2tensor.

Is there any option should I do?

The input file dt.mif is probably a diffusion tensor. You need to start from the kurtosis tensor instead. You can check the dwi2tensor help page on how to make it.
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dwi2tensor -dki input output

this command is not working.

should I do something more after dwifslpreproc and dwibiascorrect?

The Kurtosis functionality of tensor2metric is currently only available on the development branch of MRtrix3, see this answer from Ben: Kurtosis - #2 by bjeurissen
You can build it from source as described here: Question about dev branch of MRtrix3



Thank you for your answer!