Question about dev branch of MRtrix3

Hello guys. I am trying to do the internship project but got stuck. In ENH dwi2mask (dev): SynthStrip · Issue #2500 · MRtrix3/mrtrix3 · GitHub, how do I know if the dev branch of MRtrix3 is installed ? I installed MRtrix3 on MSL following the documentation but did not find anything related to the dev branch.

Hi @Ruobing-Chen,

The process for installing from the dev branch is essentially identical to building from source. The only difference is that you need to fetch the dev branch before the ./configure & ./build stages, using the git checkout command.

For instance, assuming you have all the required dependencies installed, but haven’t cloned the repo yet (skip the first command if you have), then this should do it:

git clone
cd mrtrix3
git checkout dev # <== switch over to the dev branch
git pull         # <== make sure that branch is up to date with remote

Hope this helps,

Hello @jdtournier, thanks for your helping!