DW2fod line command for single shell data

Hi MRtrix experts,

I am a beginner on MRtrix, interested in tractography but I’m confusing about the using of msmt_csd algorithm with single shell as said in this post “Despite the naming, the “multi-shell” algorithm can still be used with what’s considered “single-shell” data: with two unique b-values the data can be decomposed into two tissues, typically WM and CSF”.
I used Tournier algorithm for the dwi2reponse but I’m very confusing regarding the use of dwi2fod line command to obtain the WM and CSF as suggested better by mrtrix experts for single shell value.
Anyone could you help me ? What is the recommended line command for dwi2fod for single shell diffusion data ?
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Hi Jennifer,

You can indeed run msmt_csd on single-shell data, but you would need to have atleast two tissue response functions to do that.

To get these response functions, you should use the dwi2response dhollander algorithm instead.

You can read more about this here.

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Hi Nick,

Thank a lot for your reply.
I will follow your explanation extremely helpful to compute dwi2ressponse and dwi2fod.