Dwibiascorrect "-" dropped

Hi all, I’ve noticed that the Nipype interface for dwibiascorrect isn’t synchronized with the latest CLI algorithm selection format, as well as the mrtrix3’s getting started guide.
I’ve been looking for the relevant release note in order to fix the issue but couldn’t find it. If possible, it would be very helpful to know at what version was the “-” dropped.

Gal Ben-Zvi

Our apologies, you’re quite right, this change wasn’t flagged in the release notes for version 3.0.0, which is when it was introduced1. This is the relevant commit, merged as part of this monster pull request, which overhauled a lot of the backend handling for our Python scripts – there were many changes in this pull request, which is probably why this specific change was overlooked for the release notes.

Hopefully that’s the information you were after?

1It’s also in 3.0_RC4, but this version should never have been released – my mistake.

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I’ve written a response over on the nipype thread.

I would also note that the reason there’s a discrepancy between the current software command-line interface and the online documentation page to which you linked is because you have specifically linked to the documentation page corresponding to an older version of the software.

Edit: Moved explanation of online documentation versioning to dedicated Wiki thread.


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