Dwipreproc command not found, post recent update

Dear Experts,

dwipreproc command not found, post mrtrix3 update via git on ubuntu 19.10, as per instructions at https://github.com/MRtrix3/mrtrix3#keeping-mrtrix3-up-to-date

Can’t find dwipreproc in the mrtrix3 directory either.

Looking forward to guidance to resolve the issue.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Hi Amit, Did you update your mrtrix recently? Dwipreproc has been replaced with dwifslpreproc updated version.

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Thanks a lot, Kiran.

dwifslpreproc works.

Updated today.

Thanks again.

Best Regards,

FYI Any commands that have had their name changed with this update can be found in the changelog here.

Thank you Dr. Smith.

That’s handy.