I haven’t used mrtrix for a while and just got the new version. I can’t find the command “mrresize”, it’s also not mentioned in

What have I done wrong? mrresize, where are you?


mrresize has been replaced by mrgrid, which now encapsulates the functionalities of mrcrop , mrpad and mrresize.

See here for more changes to command names related to the last update. It hurts seeing a command go that one has come to know and love. This change was a dearly-won process but rest assured, it’s for the better.

There you are!

Thank you! I’ll use this documentation to modify my scripts…


thanks for the clarification. I would just like to suggest modifying the FBA tutorial for version 3.0.0 so that it can be run with this version. (That is where I came across the problem of missing mrresize.)

Thanks for reporting! This should be fixed with the next release.