MRtrix 3.0.1 update errors


I am running the latest MRtrix 3.0.1 update on Ubuntu 16.04 by running:

git pull

The following is the configure setting of the system I’m using:

Detecting OS: linux
Looking for compiler [clang++]: not found
Looking for compiler [g++]: g++ (Ubuntu 5.5.0-12ubuntu1~16.04) 5.5.0 20171010
Checking for C++11 compliance: ok
Checking shared library generation: ok
Detecting pointer size: 64 bit
Detecting byte order: little-endian
Checking for variable-length array support: ok
Checking for non-POD variable-length array support: ok
Checking for ::max_align_t: 16 bytes
Checking for std::max_align_t: 16 bytes
Checking for Eigen3 library: 3.2.92
Checking for Eigen3 Unsupported: not found; custom functions to be used
Checking for zlib compression library: 1.2.8
Checking for "JSON for Modern C++" requirements: ok
Checking for TIFF library: LIBTIFF, Version 4.0.6
Checking for PNG library: Header: 1.2.54; library: 1.2.54
Checking for FFTW library: fftw-3.3.4-sse2-avx
Checking for Qt moc: moc (version 4.8.7)
Checking for Qt qmake: qmake (version 4.8.7)
Checking for Qt rcc: rcc (version 4.8.7)
Checking for Qt: 4.8.7

writing configuration to file './config': ok

The update was unsuccessful at 312/546, with a number of errors with QwheelEvent:

src/gui/dwi/render_frame.cpp:335:32: error: class QWheelEvent has no member named pixelDelta   
src/gui/dwi/render_frame.cpp:336:47: error: class QWheelEvent has no member named angleDelta

Is it required to update Qt to 5.0+ to complete the latest update?

Thank you!

Welcome @zhuopinsun!

While we’ve endeavored to have the GUI code compatible with both Qt4 and Qt5, it looks like this one has slipped through the cracks. The offending change can be found here, which was a consequence of Qt making changes to their own API.

I would expect that updating to Qt5 (and re-running the configure script) would indeed fix compilation for you, as would manually reverting the code change linked above, until we can push out a fix.

Thanks for the report

Sorry about that, my mistake…

I’ve just pushed a fix for this, see this pull request. I’d appreciate if you could give it a try with:

git fetch
git checkout fix_pixeldelta_qt4

and report back as to whether it works or not…

Yes, the problem is fixed. Update successful. Thanks so much!

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