MRtrix3_connectome update 0.3.0

Hi all,

For anyone interested, I have pushed out an update to my BIDS Apps script “MRtrix3_connectome”, tagged as version 0.3.0.

As previously, it can be utilised either within a Docker container (and consequently as a Singularity container following appropriate conversion), or the script itself can be executed as a standalone file as long as you have MRtrix3 version 3.0_RC3 installed and set your PYTHONPATH environment variable as per the documentation.

While this application may be developed by yours truly, it is not an integrated part of MRtrix3; so please direct any queries / suggestions to me directly: either through private messaging on this forum, e-mail, or by posting directly to the GitHub issue list for the relevant repository.

Shameless self-promotion complete,

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Is there any plan to update the Docker image to the current build of MRTrix3? Have the requirements changed substantially to where the change is more significant than changing the git pull from RC3 to 3.0.15?

The current tag of the MRtrix3_connectome repo (0.3.0) is already pulling the most recent tag of MRtrix3 (3.0_RC3). By “3.0.15” I think you may be referring to the MRtrix3 tag 0.3.15, which is in fact older than 3.0_RC3 (0.3.15 was the last tag prior to 3.0_RC1).

I will hopefully update this repo to 0.4.0 in the near future in order to address some issues specific to this tool; but this won’t involve bringing in any changes to MRtrix3 itself over and above acquiring the most recent bug fixes.

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