MRVIEW issue


I’m trying to use MRTrix in a Linux system, at our center (Martinos Center Boston) MRTrix is already installed, I tested it by running: mrview and I get the following error:

‘mrview: [WARNING] unable to determine OpenGL version - operation may be unstable if actual version is less than 3.3
mrview: [ERROR] GLSL log [vertex shader]: 0:1(10): error: GLSL 3.30 is not supported. Supported versions are: 1.10, 1.20, 1.00 ES, and 3.00 ES
mrview: [ERROR] error compiling OpenGL vertex shader ID 1
mrview: [SYSTEM FATAL CODE: SIGSEGV (11)] Segmentation fault: Invalid memory access’

Any suggestions how to proceed? Also, how do you test if MRTrix is installed properly?

Thank you.

Welcome Akira!

There’s only one concrete suggestion that we can make for trying to get mrview to run, which is documented in this Wiki page. If Point 3 there does not solve the issue, the problem is really one of local hardware or OS, so you might be better off seeking local IT support.

Also, how do you test if MRTrix is installed properly?

If you are able to execute mrview by simply typing “mrview” (or any other MRtrix3 command) at the terminal, that’s just about the extent of installation verification. We try to not have dependence on a wide range of installation trickery; if the commands appear in your PATH, they should work.


Dear Akira,

You can also try running MRtrix from within a pre-built container or virtual machine. That way you ensure that MRtrix is installed properly, and the environment is correctly configured. One option is using NeuroDesk, a system that I and colleagues develop: GitHub - NeuroDesk/neurodesk: A flexible, scalable, and easy to use data analysis environment for reproducible neuroimaging
It is based on neurodocker, which is led by Satra Ghosh from MIT, and Satra is also helping us with our project.

Best of luck,

hello,there is the same problem, how did you solve this problem?